NEWS 11/13/1993Science Blog -- FDA Announces that Neways Inc to recall QUICKLY Weight Loss Products

P93-41                                       Arthur Whitmore 
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        Office 301-443-4177

     The Food and Drug Administration today announced that Neways
Inc., of Salem, Utah, is recalling its "Quickly" weight-loss
product because it contains potentially dangerous amounts of a
prescription drug.
      Consumers who have been taking "Quickly" should immediately
stop, and should dispose of any unused product or return it to
the distributor from whom it was purchased.  
      Recent FDA tests found that single-dose samples of
"Quickly" contained at least 33.5 milligrams -- a full medical
dose -- of furosemide, a potent diuretic that must be prescribed
by a physician.  Marketing and selling furosemide in a non-
prescription drug or weight-loss product is a violation of
federal law.
     "Quickly" is marketed and distributed by Neways as a "weight
management formula" that "enhances any weight-loss program."  The
product is sold in canisters containing 20 clear, sealed,
cellophane packages with four tablets and one capsule in each
package.  Each cellophane package of tablets and capsule is
considered one dose of the product.
     The product label says the tablets contain vitamins and
minerals, and that the capsule contains papaya, kelp, garlic and
lactose.  FDA found furosemide in the capsules. 
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     "Quickly" is sold through Neways' network of private
distributors, who sell directly to customers and not through
commercial establishments.  An estimated 4,900 canisters of
"Quickly" have been sold nationwide during the last 12 months.
      Neways has begun notifying its distributors that the
product must be recalled immediately from purchasers, and to
cease further sales of the product.  Individual distributors have
been instructed to contact anyone to whom the product was sold
and make arrangements for its return.
     Furosemide is used to treat congestive heart failure,
chronic liver and kidney disease, hypertension and certain
related medical conditions.  It should be taken only under
medical supervision.  Excessive intake can lead to profound
depletion of water and electrolytes from the body, blood volume
reduction, dangerously low blood pressure and heart
complications.  Adverse reactions associated with the drug's use
include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hearing loss, dizziness,
headache, rash and dermatitis.
     FDA is a Public Health Service agency within HHS.    

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