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20 December 2001



The Department of Public Information (DPI) Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) approved the association of 20 NGOs from nine countries on

14 December 2001. The newly associated organizations conform with the principles of the United Nations Charter, operate solely on a non-profit basis and demonstrate a long-standing involvement with United Nations issues. Most importantly, they have the information programme infrastructure in place to reach a broad audience about United Nations activities. This information dissemination capacity is a unique criterion for association with the DPI.

The newly associated NGOs include two from Asia and the Pacific; six from Europe; 10 from North America; one from Latin America; and one from Western Asia. They represent a diverse range of interests, including disarmament, education, women’s issues, health care, ageing, sustainable development, youth, law, development policy and human rights.

The DPI Committee on NGOs also confirmed the disassociation of 251 NGOs that no longer meet the requirements of the Department. The decision brings the number of NGOs associated with the DPI to 1,480. During the year the DPI has instituted a review process for the first time, in order to better measure the effectiveness of its liaison activities with associated NGOs.

Several newly associated NGOs focus on efforts to promote disarmament and peace. Saferworld (United Kingdom) works to identify, develop and publicize more effective approaches to preventing armed conflict throughout the world. Hidankyo/NihonHidankyo (Japan) supports the banning of nuclear weapons and cooperation among survivors of atomic bomb attacks at the end of World War II. Hunt Alternatives/Women Waging Peace (United States) has an innovative programme that recognizes the essential role and contribution of women in preventing violent conflict, stopping war, reconstructing ravaged societies, and sustaining peace in fragile areas around the world.

Transparency International (Germany) is dedicated to increasing government accountability and curbing both international and national corruption by strengthening and/or reforming systems to prevent and prosecute corruption. The International Crisis Group (Belgium) operates in 18 different locations around the world, including the Balkans, Africa and Asia. This NGO helps governments, international organizations and the world community to prevent deadly conflict among nations, mostly through its high level of advocacy.

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Other newly associated NGOs are dedicated to the promotion of education and the youth. The Association of Women with University Education (Armenia) has been cooperating with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia on issues relating to human development, with an emphasis on women’s advancement and gender equality. The Organización Argentina de Jovenes para las Naciones Unidas (Argentina) is devoted to enhancing the knowledge of and participation in the United Nations system by Argentine youth and educators.

Following are the organizations newly associated with the DPI, listed alphabetically by region:

Asia and the Pacific: Hidankyo/Nihon Hidankyo (Japan); Japan Junior Chamber, Inc. (Japan)

Europe: Association of Women with University Education (Armenia); International Crisis Group (Belgium); Mandat International (Switzerland); Royal Academy of Science International Trust (United Kingdom); Saferworld (United Kingdom); Transparency International (Germany)

Latin America: Organización Argentina de Jovenes para Las Naciones Unidas (Argentina)

North America: Art of Living Foundation (United States); Colegio de Abogados de Puerto Rico (United States); Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (United States); Fairleigh Dickinson University (United States); Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (United States); Global Action for Ageing (United States); Hunt Alternatives/Women Waging Peace (United States); Interfaith Center of New York (United States); Korean Association of Retired Persons ( United States); and Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (United States)

Western Asia: Charity Foundation for Special Diseases (Iran)

For further information, please contact the DPI/NGO Section, telephone: (212) 963-6842, e-mail: dpingo@un.org. The periodically updated directory of NGOs associated with the DPI is also available on the DPI/NGO Web site: www.un.org/dpi/ngosection.

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