October 2001

From Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Brenner Children's Hospital pediatrician receives $2.25 million grant to study a violence prevention program nationwide

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - A pediatrician at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center received a $2.25 million grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recently, to study how pediatricians nationwide can help prevent violence. The four-year study will be the first national, randomized, controlled-trial focused on testing the effectiveness of a pediatric provider's comprehensive violence prevention program.

"Child and adolescent violence remains one of our most pressing public health problems today," said Shari Barkin, M.D., the principal investigator of the study and a pediatrician at Brenner Children's Hospital. "One of the primary aims of the study is to help clinicians address key violence prevention areas during an office visit. Currently, only limited tools are available to help clinicians address these issues in a consistent manner."

During an office visit, parents will complete a survey in the waiting room, asking about four key areas: media use, discipline, gun accessibility and family and peer fighting. A physician will review the questionnaire for trouble spots, reinforce positive behaviors, educate patient families on problem areas identified, and refer the patient for additional help if necessary. The family will receive tools to help them adhere to their pediatricians' recommendations and the pediatrician will complete a worksheet to identify community violence prevention resources.

Over 100 physician practices with 220 physicians across the country will be asked to participate in the study, enrolling over 5,720 patients in the program over the four-year period.

The program will seek to maximize recruitment in those practices that service greater than 50% minority populations. All parents bringing their child (ages 2 to 11 years) to his/her pediatric provider for their child's well child exam will be approached for study participation.

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