September 2001

From University of Ulster

University of Ulster and QUB team up to build a better Internet

And now a joint research programme between the University of Ulster and Queen's University of Belfast has developed a revolutionary new technology that could cut the cost of internet access, while boosting reliability and speed.

A research team headed by UU's Professor Gerard Parr and QUB's Professor Alan Marshall have developed what they call a 'mobile intelligent agent' which will find internet users the most reliable connection for the job - at the best price available.

Just as a travel agent scours the world for the best holiday or flight deal, the new software tool will act as a broker between the computer application and the global networks that offer internet services, sniffing out the best service provider at the best price.

But unlike a travel agent, the mobile intelligent agent does its job in real time, transparently and instantaneously negotiating a quality connection for the end user or business application.

The importance of the UU/QUB team's groundbreaking work which is sponsored by Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd has been recognised by the international scientific community, and will be discussed at next month's IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services to be held in Chicago.

Said Professor Parr: “We're proud to be able to demonstrate to Telecommunications scientists and entrepreneurs in the USA and across the world the quality of the research work that is being done in Northern Ireland’s universities.”

Professor Marshall commented: "Our joint research has been very successful to date and we intend to develop it further as part of a major research funding bid with Fujitsu and colleagues in other Universities."

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